Matt Trevisan is one of the true trailblazers of the wine world, producing some of the most astonishing wines from the Paso Robles ‘grand cru’ of Willow Creek. He co-founded Linne Calodo with Saxum’s Justin Smith in 1998 and farms his vineyards sustainably with a real emphasis on organic practices using some biodynamic processes too.

Linne Calodo wines are incredibly complex. However, Matt’s other side is slightly mischievous and playful and he wanted to express this with a separate label that offered something completely different and perfect for opening straight away – this became his ‘Slacker Wines’ label.

Each vintage of Slacker is a unique blend with a one-off name. For the 2014 vintage it’s the ‘Computer Geek’ – a left-field Mourvèdre-dominated blend that was deliberately inoculated with controlled levels of Brett!!! We’ve never quite tasted anything like it, but we love it!When asked to describe Slacker, Matt said: “If Slacker Wines were forced to pronounce a philosophy it might be this:“Whatever. It’s wine. Just enjoy it.” A wine derived from the top ranches of Linne Calodo, I purposely name it as an underdog to turn my nose up to those that require names that include diamonds, flowers, birds of prey, and mountain ranges. These are all the things that a slacker gags on. The bottle of Slacker Wine you open is not intended to be the centre of attention. It should stir no debates, controversies, or jealousies. If it does, you’re doing it wrong. Just open it up, share with friends, and the rest will take care of itself.”

Matt’s winemaking style is a balance of science and art, not shy of experimentation and altering his approach to work with each vintage. It’s also one that leading him to the very top of his game and comparisons to the greats of the Rhône Valley (Josh Reynolds likens him to Jean-Louis Chave!). Volumes are low, but all of the reds and whites are sold out in their entirety every year, such is the demand. Four Corners has the first ever UK allocation.


​The Slacker logo is of a pair of scissors cutting a corner. As Matt says: "Slackers have been known to cut corners sometimes in search of a good time. Consider the Slacker wines part of that search."

‘Linne Calodo’ (pronounced 'lynn-eh ka-lodo') is the name of the distinct limestone-based soil type found in the Willow Creek AVA, high in calcium and marine fossils, perfect for GSM varietals.


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2016 Slacker Wines, Stereotype, Paso Robles 12x75cl

£360 / Case£30 / BottleDuty Status: In Bond ⋅ Price incl. of Duty & VAT: £464.14 / Case, £38.68 / BottleAvailability: Immediate ⋅ ETA to UK address: 2-4 days

2016 Slacker Wines, Stereotype, Paso Robles 1x75cl

£30 / BottleDuty Status: In Bond ⋅ Price incl. of Duty & VAT: £38.68 / BottleAvailability: Immediate ⋅ ETA to UK address: 2-4 days