Au Sommet is a stunning Cabernet Sauvignon made by Heidi Barrett, sourced entirely from the Au Sommet Estate on Atlas Peak.

With Amuse Bouche well under way, with fruit from the Estate’s vineyards in Rutherford, in 2007 co-owner John Schwartz and Heidi bought the 7-acre Au Sommet vineyard at the very top of Atlas Peak, as part of a 45-acre Estate which is now John’s home.

At up to 640 metres (2100 feet) above sea level it’s an exceptionally high site which lends itself to an incredibly pure and refined style of Cabernet, unique to the microclimate.

The signature style is of intense, dark fruit, slate and pepper on the palate with an incredible structure and crispness only found on the schist and volcanic rock at the top of Atlas Peak.

As well as being one of the most stunning sites you could ever possibly visit, the road up from the valley floor is an adventure in itself, evoking memories of driving through the UK’s Black Mountains and the Lake District!


Heidi was the first winemaker at none other than Screaming Eagle and produced the Estate’s first 100-point wine in 1997.

A visit to John’s home at Au Sommet will inevitably finish with a fine, post-dinner Bourbon and his infamous ‘Mensa-challenge’ at the end of the evening – a dastardly puzzle that had claimed over 36 victims so far, including David Beckham, and a NASA technician as well as Four Corners' very own Jim Baxter. While John offers a bottle of Screaming Eagle to anyone who completes the challenge, those who lose have to pay the penalty by way of a unique and hilarious forfeit!


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